Welcome to your future Hosting solution! Powerfull, efficient and secure, everything you need to succeed!

Craym, chose to use a shared web hosting service, in other words, the disk space is shared between various websites.

This allows us not only to guarantee stability for your website since it will be hosted on a server checked 24 hours a day by professional technicians but also make you save time and money! Prices are much more competitive and the overall installation much easier.

We are pleased to present you our brand new technologic system and its characteristics.

Here are some key facts about our servers:

Craym Internet Technology

CloudLinux technology

CloudLinux is an operating system developed specially for the hosting of websites.

Thanks to its unique resources control system, LVEs: Lightweight Virtual Environment, every single one of the websites is locked in a virtual machine preventing it from consuming all of the resources of the server.

It also improves drastically the performances and allows high stability, with more than 99,9% of Uptime without slowing down due to another website located on the same server.

Secure VE extension totally isolates each user inside his own virtual system. They have separated environment and can only have access to their own files, which makes this system even safer against attack by hackers or any other pirate.

  1. Uptime of more than 99.7%
  2. Operating system CloudLinux !
  3. Fast and efficient technical support
  4. Powerful Servers - Intel Core 3.5GHz with 16 GB DDR3 memory
  5. cPanel - the best control panel
  6. Support PHP / MySQL
  7. And much more…
This is what really happens with our new LVEs system:

Standart VS CloudLinux

The server’s resources are not anymore consumed by one only website that crushes the others: every website has its own resources!

cPanel 11 will become your new best friend! It's simply the best control panel on the market!

It allows you to control every aspect of your hosting account from the mails to the management of the MySQL databases. You will be able to see your website’s statistics but also create your own FTP accounts, e-mail and everything else you need!

cPanel is available in English, French and many other languages!


Click on the picture for a demo

Suivez le guide ! The installation of your website will become as easy as pie! Our system uses the latest Softaculous functionalities , which will allow you to install any CMS, Blog, Forum, e-commerce website, Wiki and many more among the 240 available scripts in a few seconds! You don’t need to be an expert anymore to start working on your website!

During your order, choose directly the website to install and as soon as you confirm the order, the website will be online! No more installation problems!

You already have a hosting service? You can find Softaculous in your CPanel! You don’t need to worry about the updates either, they are automatically done every week to make sure you’re working under the latest functionalities and security patches.

Php MySQL PHP/MySQL or PHP/PostgreSQL makes the perfect duo to inject some dynamism in your website! Whether you are doing basic or advanced operations, you will be able to get the best results thanks to one of the most effective systems!

A database is often necessary for any website. Whether it’s a forum, a list of articles, or simply to sort information, MySQL and PostgreSQL will quickly become essential tools for the development of your website.

Your hosting solution is safer thanks to our SSL certificates!
Don’t let anyone hack your website by securing the data exchanged between the server and your clients.

Show you are trustable and professional by using the SSL technology!

Perl Perl is a language particularly suitable for text treatment, especially because it integrates natively regulars expressions, a very powerfull tool combined with PHP or Rails! But it's also much more and you'll be able for instance to generate in less than a heart beat logs reports. It's really easy ! With Perl, there is always at least 2 ways to do the same thing!

Our backup system protects your work!

In the event of a crash or hack of your website, we have a full backup of it! From two days to one month according to the hosting option you will choose.

Take a closer look to our hosting solutions:
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